IdeaSpark 2023
"Where technology meets insurance"



Prize Pool

8,000 Euro



Sponsored by

SV Informatik GmbH

Mannheim, Germany – SV Informatik GmbH hosted an exceptional event, the IdeaSpark Hackathon, aimed at reimagining the perception of insurance among young people.  

Over the course of 3 intense days, more than 30 talented individuals poured their creativity and expertise into crafting innovative concepts. Six teams, armed with a powerful combination of design, AI, coding, and gamification, developed captivating ideas. 

The variety of ideas presented included: 

  • Personalized advertisements targeting parents and an app leveraging object recognition to incentivize significant purchases. 
  • AI influencers promoting tailored insurance options for various life stages, such as travel. 
  • Insurance recommendations generated by analyzing social media profiles using advanced image recognition technology. 
  • A game simulation inspired by “The Game of Life,” challenging players to make crucial decisions about insurance policies while competing for high scores. 

These concepts
represent just a fraction of the ideas born during the hackathon. Throughout the hackathon, participants enjoyed a range of experiences, from an inspiring opening ceremony featuring a flying buffet, to engaging UX/UI workshops, and relaxed networking sessions with breathtaking views of Mannheim.