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Attracting new tech talents, enhancing cross-departmental synergies, or actively shaping change within your organization, we adapt our hackathon design to your needs. Events that set you up for a more hands-on recruiting and staff binding process.
Germany’s largest all-female hackathon. HerHackathon is where corporates and tech talents meet, collaborate, and innovate. Three days of challenge engagement, coding, and networking to identify fitting talents and develop groundbreaking solutions.

Hackfestival is an innovative on-site event aimed to host more than 1000 tech talents from all over Europe. They set themselves a challenging task: working together for a sustainable future and Decarbonize the Planet!

Streamlined recruiting solution, identifying, and assessing talent for tech roles while considering skills and cultural fit. Hacktalents bridges the gap between skilled professionals and organizations seeking the right candidates.





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