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Internal Hackathon

Hackathon as a Service is a powerful solution to enhance change management within your teams by fostering collaboration across departments. This reinforces your endeavors to shape and nurture your corporate culture. We equip your employees with the tech tools and skillsets, enabling them to develop enduring solutions for your organization’s needs.

Break Barriers. Create Hacks.


Accelerated Innovation

Turbocharge the pace of

Team Building

Encourage interdisciplinary

Skill Development

Employees are challenged to upskill in a
condensed timeframe.

Morale Boost

A fun, engaging way to boost company
morale and enthusiasm.

Insight Gathering

A unique perspective on internal
processes and potential improvements.


Developed Innovations


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Employee Engagement

Design your Hackathon.



Conducting an internal hackathon is a strategic move to ignite innovation within your organization. By bringing together diverse departments, it cultivates synergy, fostering a collaborative environment that rallies support and strengthens the organizational culture. This dynamic approach enables the integration of varied perspectives and skills, unlocking the potential to achieve unprecedented outcomes. Moreover, an internal hackathon serves as a proactive tool for embracing change, involving operational staff in strategic decision-making, and improving interdepartmental cooperation. In essence, it is a powerful catalyst for transformative change, harnessing internal resources to drive innovation, collaboration, and organizational growth. 

Executing an internal hackathon is a flexible process that adapts to different modes. For on-site events, direct coordination and communication with participants or platforms like Slack ensure real-time engagement. The hybrid approach combines online and on-site elements, allowing for broader participation initially and selected on-site activities later, or facilitating collaboration among geographically close branches online. Online hackathons leverage collaboration platforms and client intranets, enabling scalability to engage many participants over extended distances and durations. In all modes, the choice of communication tools is tailored to participant preferences, fostering effective communication, collaboration, and innovation throughout the event. 

Participation in an internal hackathon is diverse, reflecting a blend of operational expertise and strategic oversight. The participants include employees with valuable operational know-how, offering insights grounded in hands-on experience. Directors serve as a crucial link, bridging the perspectives of ordinary employees and executives, ensuring a holistic understanding of challenges and opportunities. Executives bring a macro-view to the table, providing strategic guidance and aligning initiatives with overarching organizational goals. Often, the most effective teams comprise a combination of these roles, fostering a collaborative environment where practical knowledge meets strategic vision, resulting in innovative solutions that cater to both operational intricacies and high-level organizational objectives. This diversity ensures a well-rounded approach, enhancing the hackathon’s potential for impactful outcomes. 

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