Reshaping your Recruiting Journey.

Make your own Hackathon.

Recruiting Hackathon

Hackathons are a powerful addition to your recruitment strategy. Enhancing your current methods through direct, time-constrained, and personalized engagements with tech talents. Over the course of 48 hours, participants are challenged, providing valuable insights into their working style, soft skills, and teamwork dynamics. The outcome is a filled-up talent pipeline that accounts for aspects which are often overlooked in traditional hiring processes.






Talent Access

Direct access to top-tier talent showcasing
their skills.

Employer Branding

Position your company as innovative
and forward-thinking.


Connect with potential partners, clients,
or collaborators.

Real-time Insights

Immediate feedback on company challenges
and projects.

Diverse Solutions

Harness the power of diverse thought for
creative problem-solving.

Developed Solutions
0 +
Total Hires
0 +
Decreased Time-to-Hire
0 %
Increased Hiring Rate
0 %


Initial Consultation & Goal Setting
Quick assessment to match your company goals with hackathon themes.
Custom challenges that align with your brand.
Event & Challenge Design
Promotion & Tech-Talent Onboarding
Personalized promo materials to maximize reach & quality.
Expert facilitation for impactful corporate visibility.
Your Hackathon Event
Post-Hackathon Wrap-Up
Turnkey solutions ready for your implementation.


We assist you with every step.
Initial Consultation
& Goal Setting

Aligning your company's objectives with The Hackathon Approach and setting KPIs that are relevant to your needs.

Event & Challenge

Guaranteeing a seamless and tailored experience, featuring customized formats and brand-aligned challenges.

Promotion & Tech-
Talent Onboarding

Creating a co-branded marketing campaign and ensuring quality interactions with pre-vetted tech talents.

Your Hackathon

Ensuring real-time issue resolution, expert guidance, and thorough evaluation of developed solutions.


Choosing the talents and solutions that will make the impact within your organization.

Design your Hackathon.



We welcome all tech enthusiasts, regardless of their background. Whether it’s a student aiming to launch their career, a young professional seeking to expand their network, or a seasoned expert in search of a new challenge, our events cater to everyone. Our platform is designed to simultaneously fulfill diverse goals, making it an inclusive space where aspiring talents, regardless of their experience level, can come together, collaborate, and achieve their aspirations in the dynamic world of technology.

The application process is seamlessly conducted on our website, offering a user-friendly interface for interested individuals. Our recruitment strategy employs a proven multi-channel approach to ensure widespread visibility. Leveraging our extensive university and partner network, we make certain that the call for participation resonates across diverse channels. This comprehensive approach not only facilitates accessibility for potential participants but also ensures that we tap into a broad spectrum of talent, enriching the hackathon with diverse perspectives and skills.

The process of formulating a challenge begins by understanding your vision for what the challenge should encompass. Once we grasp your concept, we ensure that it aligns with your organization’s overarching goals and messaging. Throughout the development of the challenge, we stand by your side, offering support and guidance. Our collaborative approach extends to assisting in the communication process, ensuring that the challenge is effectively conveyed to participants. By working closely together, we guarantee that the challenge not only stimulates innovation but also connects with the core values and objectives of your organization.

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