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Hands-on and authentic approach of presenting yourself towards leading global companies. Demonstrate your technical skills within a challenging and dynamic environment. Network with and learn from like-minded people to create something unique.
Europe´s largest all-female Hackathon, hosting 250+ tech-talents. HerHackathon offers the environment where you tackle exciting and demanding challenges, learn new skills, network, and get in touch with some of the leading global companies.
World’s largest in-person hackathon situated at the heart of Europe. Collaborate and network with 3,500+ tech talents to find solutions for a better tomorrow. Join forces alongside 40+ top global companies and tackle the challenge to decarbonize our planet.
Unlocking your career potential: Whether you’re an aspiring tech talent or a seasoned IT professional, Hacktalents is your compass on the career path. Collaboratively, we’ll pinpoint the perfect company and role that resonates with your ambitions.




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