About us


We are The Hackathon Company, where tech talent meets corporate vision. We unite thousands of international tech talents with leading companies, driving innovation with hundreds of prototypes yearly.
With a track record of global hackathons alongside top brands, we offer networking, solution, and talent discovery. Our international team comprises tech event specialists, dedicated talent recruiters, and seasoned project managers. Whether it’s devising digital strategies or supporting digitalization efforts, we are here to make it happen.


Creating exceptional tech talent recruitment experiences, empowering organizations for rapid innovation and sustainable transformation. Crafting challenge-driven event formats that are perfectly tailored to your needs and objectives.
Designing customized solutions that align seamlessly with your goals, guaranteeing that your success becomes the ultimate outcome. Together pushing the boundaries of innovation and unlock new possibilities for your organization.


We envision a world where the power of hackathons transcends hierarchies and sparks innovation. Whether it’s harnessing the creativity of international talents or fostering collaboration among your own employees, we believe in the transformative magic of hackathons.
By uniting diverse talents from across the globe into interdisciplinary teams, we create an inclusive space that celebrates diversity. Our goal is to break down boundaries and bring talents and corporates together, igniting innovation without limits.
Let’s collaborate, let’s innovate, and let’s elevate your organization to new heights. Together, we’ll not only shape the tech future; we’ll redefine it. #HackTheFuture

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Core Team

Oliver Bruemmer

Founder & CEO

Arnaud Thien

Chief of Staff

Claudia Wilke

Project Lead HerHackathon

Roman Burak

Project Manager Hackfestival

Kani Oezdemir

Business Development

Karan Sowdri

IT Consultant

Sebastian Gruenewald

Head of Marketing

Dahnah Rudeloff

PR & Communications Manager

Georgi Arsov

Art Director

Aylin Haltmair

Working Student