HerHackathon 2024
28 - 30 June, Mannheim
Hack like a Woman.

Registration will open on April 15!


HerHackathon 2024 is the largest all-female hackathon in Germany. Join tech talents from across Europe and solve industry challenges presented by leading companies within 48 hours. Take the opportunity to showcase your digital prowess and creativity. Network, expand your skill set, and win exciting prizes.

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HerHackathon 2024!

Challenges 2024

Scan & Compare market products

Embark with us on an initiative to gain a real and deep understanding of our competitors’ offerings.We want your tech skills and creativity to create a tool that scans and analyzes product data available on the internet like ingredients, certifications and nutritional values directly from pictures. You can use OCR, GenAI, … – your choice! 

In the ever-competitive retail market, staying ahead requires not just keeping pace but outmatching the competition in quality, healthiness, and customer satisfaction. ALDI Süd is embarking on an initiative to gain a deep understanding of what its rivals are offering. Together, let’s revolutionize retail by harnessing available data for comprehensive product comparison and leveraging findings for enhanced negotiations, product development and growth. On-site research was yesterday. At HerHackathon we are not sending you to stores collecting data. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves developing a cutting-edge solution that leverages technology to dissect and compare the intricate details of product attributes directly from their images that you can find on the internet. From the depths of ingredients lists to the specifics of nutritional values and labels/certifications (gluten-free, vegan, fair trade), your tool will analyze product data captured directly from images sourced from websites or maybe even leaflets. This task demands a blend of skills: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text extraction, AI for image recognition and data comparison, and a dash of creativity to design a user-friendly interface that presents complex data in an easily digestible format. 

This challenge is your opportunity to not only showcase your technical prowess. By enabling Aldi Süd to benchmark its products against competitors’ offerings accurately, your solution will fuel informed decision-making and product development, steering the retail giant toward offerings that best meet consumer needs. 

As you embark on this journey, you’ll be supported by our Data Scientists and ALDI Experts and see how we would use your idea in a real world, innovative application.

Discover your skin

Revolutionize skincare with Beiersdorf! Explore innovative ways to help our consumers to understand and enhance skin using advanced technology. See skin as more than surface-level care — it reflects emotions, health, and well-being. Develop a tech solution that empowers consumers to self-discover individual skin secrets and visualize their impact.

In our challenge, we’re seeking a technological solution that empowers our consumers to self-discover the unique secrets of their skin and visualize how to optimize their skincare routines. At Beiersdorf, we’re firm believers in the profound impact skin health has on individual well-being. Simultaneously, we understand that our overall wellbeing significantly influences the appearance and condition of our skin. 

That’s precisely why we’re reaching out to you — to collaborate on developing comprehensive solutions that not only help consumers better understand their skin but also empower them to enhance it using cutting-edge technology. 

We’re aiming for a technical solution that factors in both external elements and internal influences such as moods, well-being, and overall health. 

We invite you to bring your skills, expertise, and personal insights to this challenge. Whether you’re well-versed in advanced technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data, sensors, or you’re bursting with innovative ideas waiting to be explored, we really want to hear from you. Our objective is to craft solutions that not only stand out from existing offerings but also seamlessly integrate with digital ecosystems, all while presenting a viable business model. 

This challenge isn’t just about innovation; it’s about making a tangible difference in people’s lives and reshaping the landscape of skincare. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to redefine the way individuals perceive and care for their skin, ultimately helping them feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. 

Unlock dream career journeys 

Are you ready to revolutionize the way to find career paths? Create a platform that enables individuals building a fulfilling career based on their unique characters, preferences, and more. These parameters should lead to a tailored career path which will be supported by a matched mentor. Let your creativity run free and form a new era of career 4.0.  

In our challenge we are looking for a tool that will unlock dream career journeys. As ING Germany, we believe that everyone should be empowered to find a fulfilled work life.  

In a world full of abstract job vacancies and buzzwords it is essential to offer a tool that enables individuals to build a thriving career – based on unique characters, talents, experience, personal preferences, and other attributes. Our vision is that the tool you create will illustrate an individual career path based on all these criteria – to make dream career journeys come true.  

To achieve that, the tool should allow matching with mentors, i.e., people who have already gained a lot of expertise by pursuing their own dream careers.  

In order to find the one and only mentor, the matching should be based on individual criteria (such as the same background, characteristics, interests, …). It should also be possible to look at the stories of the matched mentors to decide on the best match.  

But it shouldn’t stop there! With your innovative ideas and skills, we’re sure that you will build THE platform for career (and personal) happiness! Let your creativity run free.  

Become a valuable member of a team forming a new era of career 4.0.  

Goal of the platform should be (but is not limited to): 

  • Show tailored career paths based on unique characters, talents, experience, personal preferences, and other attributes 
  • Match mentee and mentor based on individual criteria (such as same background, characteristics, interests, …) 

Create a prototype based on an example of several tech journeys

Sustainability Analysis with GenAI

Let your creativity shine as you revolutionize the way banks embrace digital transformation and sustainability. Develop a cutting-edge IT solution using GenAI to streamline sustainability report assessment at KfW, making it faster and more accurate. Collaborate, innovate, and contribute to a greener future!

Are you ready to revolutionize the way THE digital transformation and promotional bank in Germany assesses sustainability reports and contribute to a greener future? Join us in developing a cutting-edge IT solution that empowers KfW to efficiently scrutinize sustainability reports of our clients, making the process faster and more accurate. 

Why participate? 

  • Make a meaningful impact by helping KfW streamline our sustainability report analysis, promoting eco-conscious practices. 
  • Gain hands-on experience with GenAI technology, using your skills in modern software development and cloud computing. 
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals in a dynamic team environment, fostering innovation and creativity. 
  • Showcase your talent by building an intuitive frontend for a live demo, highlighting the practical application of your solution. 

How are you going to do this? 

  • Develop a robust backend using GenAI that can intelligently answer queries regarding various aspects of corporate sustainability reports. 
  • Document and thoroughly test your backend, leveraging GenAI’s capabilities for efficient validation and optimization. 
  • Design an engaging frontend for your application, providing users with a seamless experience during the live demo. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in GenAI pipelines, cloud development, and REST API integration. Your mission is to create an innovative solution that not only enhances banking practices but also contributes to a more sustainable future for generations to come. Let your creativity shine as you revolutionize the way banks embrace digital transformation and sustainability. 

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Connect with the female tech community and potential employers 


Showcase your expertise on stage


Co-create inclusive, innovative solutions for real challenges

Personal growth

Learn from inspiring personalities and hands-on workshops


Take home cool goodies and don’t miss the chance to win from a big prize pool

Safe Space

Enjoy the supporting atmosphere in a community of women with a passion for tech

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Application (3-1 months prior to event)

Complete a short form, choose your challenge and upload your CV.

Onboarding (1 month prior to event)

Meet your challenge setter and team on the digital event platform.


Hack – Sleep – Eat – Repeat! Develop your solution and present it to the Jury. There will also be time for networking and visiting workshops!



You and your company want to
support HerHackathon 2024?


HerHackathon welcomes applications from female individuals (including those who identify as female), encompassing students, young professionals, professionals, and freelancers with a keen interest and preferably some experience in designing and developing digital applications and processes. We encourage talents from diverse backgrounds, spanning IT, Business, Marketing, Design, and more, to participate. Applicants must be at least 18 years old on the event day and located within Europe.

Yes, you can either join an existing team or create one yourself later in the process. We will assist you in forming a team with other participants. 

On average a team consists of 5 people min. 3, max. 6.

To apply, navigate to our website during the application phase and complete the survey available. Ensure you have your CV prepared for upload. You can select and apply for up to three different challenges, prioritizing them according to your preference. Following a brief profile review, you will receive either a confirmation of participation in HerHackathon or a rejection. If you are part of a team, make sure you and your teammates specify the team name and align on the same challenge preferences.

No need to worry! HerHackathon is designed for networking with fellow tech talents. Pre-event we’ll assist you in connecting with others to form a team.

All four challenges are revealed at the start of the application period. You will have the opportunity to set preferences for your favoured challenges. While we will make every effort to assign you to your preferred challenge, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your first choice, depending on the number of applicants. 

After your application we send your information to the challenge setters. As soon as one confirms your application we will send you a confirmation. In case the challenge setter declines your application we will send your information to the next challenge setter on your priority list. Challenge setters check applications once a week. This is why it can take some time until you get a confirmation. 

In case your three selected challenge setters decline your application we will inform you. 

Just a heads-up, once accepted, you’ll be asked to confirm your attendance closer to the event as we send out notifications for that. 

Unfortunately not, participation must be in person as it is a fully live event.

We would love for you to join us under any circumstances. If there’s anything that might prevent you from participating and where we can offer our assistance, please share your special needs with The Hackathon Company.

The Mafinex in Mannheim is committed to accessibility by providing comprehensive access options for people with disabilities. Wheelchair-accessible entrances, accessible toilets and much more ensure an inclusive environment. Talents enjoy assistive technologies and customised services to achieve their goals. 

Participation is entirely free of charge. This also includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Friday and Saturday and drinks during the day.

To survive HerHackathon, we strongly advise you to pack the following: 

  • Laptop (obviously) with pre-installed Software like Microsoft and Slack 
  • Headset (for the extra roomie-friendliness. Hack late into the night with your team) 
  • USB key for your pitch 
  • Further hardware (if needed) 
  • Your ID for registration
  • Tons of motivation  

If a particular software is necessary for your challenge, the challenge setter will grant access. 

Your team and Challenge Setter counts on you! However, there are things that get in the way. If anything keeps you from coming please let us know at herhackathon@thehackathoncompany.com and also inform your team. 

Participants retain full rights to the ideas developed during the event, including intellectual property (IP) rights. The organizers facilitate communication between participants and challenge setters, providing an opportunity for bilateral negotiations regarding a license and usage agreement after the event. Any specific regulations pertaining to a particular challenge setter will be communicated to participants by the organizer.

For each challenge, the challenge setter will assess the solutions submitted and designate a winning team. The top team from each challenge will win 1,500 € and the opportunity to present their solution to the audience and an expert jury and get feedback on it. The prize money will be evenly distributed among the members of the respective winning teams.  

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