Jiyeong Lee from Hacktalents to UX Designer. A story of professional success.

Jiyeong Lee is one of our amazing Hacktalents that we have successfully placed in a company, in this case GEA.  

Hacktalents was developed for both companies and talents to simplify the talent search and speed up the recruitment process for multinationals, small and medium enterprises and public institutions. On the company side, we check the background and qualifications of the talents for them. The talents, on the other hand, benefit from our direct focus on them and we connect them with world-class opportunities in the dynamically growing technology industry. In this interview, Jiyeong shares her experience with Hacktalents. 

How did you learn about us and Hacktalents?   

I took part in HerHackathon in 2022, a hackathon for women organized by The Hackathon Company. I believe that this event helped me get noticed by Hacktalents.   

What was the uniqueness of Hacktalents which made you to opt for it?   

The conversation was respectful from the start. Hacktalents sincerely wanted to present me with a promising opportunity, without any pressure. They were also a great source of support, who I could ask any questions.   

How would you describe your experience as a hacktalent?   

From the first conversation to the final decision, Hacktalents was very supportive and ensured that the process went smoothly. They followed up with me after the initial steps, and as the process progressed, I could focus on getting to know the company and the job better. I felt a good support in place.   

Where were you placed and in which position?   

In 2023, I joined GEA Group Services as a UX designer.    

What was your first impression of your new employer upon starting?   

The company had a clear vision and ambitious goals for the future. I joined the Digital Hub division, which was dedicated to enhancing GEA’s customer experience with digital solutions and sustainability. I was glad to be part of it.   

Were the expectations you had before starting the job met during your first 6 months or an year of work duration?   

I’m very grateful for the opportunity I have at GEA. I expected to be able to use my skills in various ways and it matched perfectly. Within the first six months, we completed the design system and we have been developing multiple digital apps in a consistent way. We keep working on launching and improving customer-centered apps, as well as building UX design knowledge and practices in different divisions through an internal design community. I learned that complex problems with a large scale can be solved with great collaboration, celebrating achievements one step at a time.

What is the most important to you in an employer?   

I value empathy, friendliness, respect, and career development opportunities in the workplace.   

Would you recommend Hacktalents to your friends and acquaintances?  

Yes. I’m grateful to learn about the opportunity that I would not have known otherwise. I encourage the talents out there to take a chance to find great opportunities that are unknown to them with the help of Hacktalents.