Get to know the team behind The Hackathon Company.

They are the creative minds responsible for our events, posts, and everything in between. To add an element of fun and challenge, we have created ten unique questions, one for each employee, resulting in personal and creative answers.    


Arnaud Thien
Chief of Staff  

What is your favoirte aspect about the company culture?   

„It is great that our team efforts are designed in a way that their value and impact is clear. We know that our work matters to the overall success of the company.“ 


Aylin Haltmair
Working Student 

What’s the most unusual talent you have? 

 „From triumph to self-reflection: As a former Tetris world champion,
I realized that the addictive gaming app was impacting my daily life. The solution? Abandoning the virtual Tetris throne and reclaiming a balanced life.“


Claudia Wilke
Project Lead HerHackathon  

What is your superpower?

„My superpower is the Marry Poppins – a spoon full of sugar magic!
In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. I find the fun and snap~, the job’s a game!“


Dahnah Rudeloff
PR & Communications Manager 

If The Hackathon Company was a food item what would it be, and why?  

„For me The Hackathon Company is not a specific dish or food item, but rather a modern concept of a fancy fusion kitchen. We mix qualities like spices. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, our dishes are full of flavor and love. It’s a heart cuisine that optimizes each dish to be michelin-star-approved.“ 


Georgi Arsov
Art Director  

Describe your Job title only using movies: 

 „Becoming a designer is like waking up in an X-Men movie. Your mind and ability exist in a world where most of the people don’t quite understand what you can offer. Dedicating time and hard work just to define and defend your identity is a daily challenge, but through your gifts you offer help to others.

Art Director’s career is a mix of having professionalism as depicted by Meryl Streep in “The Devil wears Prada”, the Brilliance of Michelle Yeoh’s multifaceted character in “Everything, Everywhere All at Once” and the ingenuity that writer and director Luc Besson and the cast of “The Fifth Element” gave us in the autumn of ’97. Animation and Fantasy have always been my source of inspiration and “The Fifth Element” played a big role in kickstarting my creativity.“ 

Kani Özdemir
Business Development 

What’s the most random fact about you? 

 “During my stay in China, I almost fell down the Chinese wall.
Luckily my friend who was climbing below me, was holding on to me.
So make sure when you go somewhere to bring a trusted friend ready to catch you!”


Ludmila de Moura Ley
HR Manager 

If you could have any fictional character as your mentor, who would it be and why? 

 „I would choose Professor Xavier as my mentor because he’s an example of a strong, visionary, and empathetic leader who is committed to fostering individual growth and development. His ability to understand and guide individuals with diverse talents reflects what I believe is the perfect approach in fostering a collaborative and inclusive workplace culture. Like Professor Xavier, I believe in empowering and supporting individuals to unlock their full potential and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.“ 


Roman Burak
Project Manager Hackfestival

What is the most exciting thing about your work?  

„The most exciting aspect of my work as a Hackfestival project manager is the opportunity to constantly meet and collaborate with a diverse range of passionate and talented individuals. Building connections with suppliers and challenge setters not only enriches the event but also opens doors to new ideas and perspectives. Networking during the project management process is a continuous source of inspiration, fostering a vibrant community that extends beyond the Hackfestival itself.“ 


Sebastian Grünewald
Marketing Manager  

Whats your go-to method for staying awake during late-night work-sessions?  

„For those late-night work sessions, my secret weapon is a trifecta of productivity boosters:
my favorite tunes, an endless supply of green tea, and just the right lighting. With this combo, I could easily power through days of work – or at least until the tea runs out!“